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Full-Spectrum Security

ABR's Global Services 

Advance Technical & Physical Travel Risk Assessment & Mitigation

At ABR, we know preparation and environment assimilation is vital to secure travel operations. Our team deploys well in advance to analyze the security of all technological and physical infrastructure, enhancing where necessary to mitigate threats. ABR provides a full advance reconnaissance and threat-mitigation report for security teams and options for consistent secure communications.

Discreet Layered Executive Protection 

ABR offers unparalleled layered executive protection services in every environment and region across the globe.

Secure Managed Cyber, Software & Platform Integration Services 

ABR provides proprietary software and service solutions in addition to managed services. Our vast network and suite of unique tools provide everything you need to safeguard your family, business, assets, data, and communications at home and abroad.

Information Analysis & Intelligence-Derived Reporting

ABR utilizes open-source intelligence analysis, due diligence reports, real-time threat monitoring of social media and deep/dark web platforms, and licensed investigatory services to collect critical information. ABR then leverages this information to analyze threats, illuminate vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and preserve privacy, producing comprehensive reports for the client.

Red Teaming

ABR conducts full-spectrum "red team" vulnerability assessments and security audits of security teams, enterprises, family offices, and their designated security equipment and mechanisms. These audits entail pre-planned, realistic scenarios aimed to provide actionable insights and effective remediation strategies to include comprehensive "after-action" reports with detailed findings, recommendations, follow-on training, and strategic awareness to enhance the security posture. 

Secure WiFi 

Whether business or personal, communication during travel exposes you to numerous threats unless you are continuously connected to secure WiFi. ABR provides secure expeditionary WiFi with 24/7 monitoring and intrusion detection, safeguarding all digital and voice transmissions.

Our Services

Secure Communications 

ABR provides tailored communications services, software, equipment, and platforms to secure all your communications needs. Our services include data archiving (preservation) and data retention (length of time) to meet the strictest compliance standards.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

ABR's vast experience in modern special warfare espionage techniques, tactics, and procedures enables us to provide the most advanced countermeasures in any environment around the globe.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem.

ABR’s managed services seamlessly integrate with your business and family networks to secure your current technology and cyber ecosystem. We also specialize in complex migration operations, assuring your data, applications, operating system, cloud, and overall infrastructure are safeguarded throughout the process.

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