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The New Standard in
Family Office and Corporate Security

Advanced Business Resources (ABR) provides professional and seamless global protection of people, assets, data, and communications.

Let us secure what keeps you up at night.

ABR's 100+ years of combined special operations experience in high-threat and high-risk global environments allows us to drastically mitigate your risk by providing the solutions you need. Allow ABR to be your peace of mind.

Secure Managed Services

Eliminate third-party risk and data sharing with ABR's unique and fully-vetted suite of network enterprise secure services.

Global Footprint 

ABR's professional teams have beyond a century of combined experience operating on every continent in the most challenging environments. We can secure anything, anywhere, at any time.

Layered Protection

ABR’s extensive services layer physical, cyber, and technical tradecraft to provide unmatched full-spectrum security.

         Client Oriented

Clients are ABR’s #1 priority. We listen to our clients’ needs and provide simple yet comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

Unprecedented Security.

Impeccable Reliability.

Worldwide Proficiency.

As the world rapidly advances into the 21st century, the physical domains of space, air, land, sea, and cyber must all be considered by anyone who desires to reduce their vulnerability to exploitation or attack.


Safeguarding people, assets, data, and communications in a professional manner throughout all five domains is precisely ABR’s specialty.   

ABR understands that people and technology are expeditionary more than ever. We adapted to this new reality, provide quality services, and now lead the industry in full-spectrum global security operations.

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